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A Destination Wedding In the Woods Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We say happily planning, because you are: you’re resilient, you’re resourceful, and you’re realistic, while at the same time you're still letting yourselves get swept up in the romance and rapture that blissfully accompanies an engagement and wedding on the horizon. This year, with all of its ups and downs, has truly shifted our collective perspective on the ultimate goal of a wedding: to celebrate your love and commit to a newfound forever in the company of your closest confidants, however you choose to do it.

So, to all the couples who’ve always wished for an adventurous wedding, to those who once imagined a ‘traditional’ fairytale wedding at a palatial chateau, but now fancy a more modern storybook soiree, or to those who’ve taken this year as a sign to embrace a destination wedding (because #yolo?), meet Chalet View Lodge: a private wedding oasis ensconced in California’s own alpine wonderland of Lost Sierra.

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