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Heres How To Score This Vogue-Featured Venue In The Woods For 50% Off

Updated: May 8

Imagine a resort tucked into the Sierra Nevada mountain range with enough space for all of your guests to stay on-site, where you have all of the luxuries of modern life but can still feel like you’re immersed in nature, a place that was designed specifically to host destination weddings and has all of the rentals, decor, vendors, etc. that you could need right at your fingertips. While it may sound too good to be true, the Chalet View Lodge at Lost Sierra Resort is very real…and INSANELY AFFORDABLE! Yes, luxe full-venue rentals like these are often pricey, to say the least but that’s what really sets this venue apart. Chalet View Lodge believes everyone should be able to afford an oasis like this for their big day and begs the question, why should weddings be limited to weekends…Why Knot Wednesday?

Chalet View Lodge rewards those who think outside the box, like really, really rewards them. This outstanding venue that we’ve featured on Wedding Chicks many a time (it’s even been in Vogue!) can be yours for 50% off of their Inclusive Wedding Package just for spicing things up and tying the knot on a Wednesday. But it’s so much more than just a venue discount. With Why Knot Wednesday, couples can completely buy out the 52-room resort by renting just 40 rooms, and their normal guest minimum is reduced to 75. But keep in mind, with their variety of guest rooms, villas, cabins, and suites, Chalet View Lodge can accommodate up to 150 guests, so there’s no need to cut back the guest list. You’ll also enjoy all of the benefits of their award-winning wedding planning service and Chalet View Lodge will gift you with a $1,500 rental credit that can go towards perfecting the aesthetic of your big day. Now this is how you do a micro-wedding!

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