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  • Paulette Alkire, Lead Wedding Planner

Giving Your Guests a Great Getaway...

Your destination wedding is coming up fast, and it’s everything you want it to be. What about your guests? For invitees who are traveling from far and wide to participate in the lovely union of you and your partner, it doesn’t hurt to show a bit of gratitude towards the effort they’ve put in to be there. Your guests will spend time, effort and money to celebrate with you, and while they will be dazzled with a free dinner and flowing booze, going the extra mile to show your appreciation will also be gratefully received. Here are our suggestions on showing your friends and family that you appreciate and understand the effort they’ve put in to be there for you:

  • Ensure accommodation. Make it easy for guests to get the correct information for hotel stays, flights, directions, rental cars and everything transportation. If you’ve got a lot of guests flying in for your wedding, research transportation options for them, and share this information with them on your website. If you need to reserve accommodations for your guests, make sure you clearly and concisely share the hotel information on how to book a room. Make it convenient for them, the last thing you want to do is stress out your guests over how to get from the airport to the hotel.

  • Compile a list of activities and amenities for your guests. While the main reason for your guests to come to your destination wedding is to celebrate with you, inevitably there will be down time over the course of a few days. Since many guests view destination weddings as a small vacation for themselves as well, provide options to keep them active, engaged and satisfied with the time they’ve taken off to be with you. A great way to do this is to share an weekend itinerary with your guests at check-in. They can see what wedding events lie ahead, and they can plan their down time accordingly. Sharing a list of amenities, on-site activities and local tourist attractions on your wedding website will get your invitees amped for the weekend away with you.

  • Inviting your guests to ancillary events such as a Welcome Party or Farewell Brunch will truly make them feel included and special to you as a couple. Having a weekend that consists of more than just the main “I Do” will leave your guests feeling like their weekend away was full of love and well-rounded; these events were created to show your appreciation to your guests.

  • Welcome bags are a big way to show your gratitude. Providing them with a gift upon check-in, or individually placed in each room is a sweet surprise that anyone would love. Theme your bags to your wedding weekend, or to you as a couple. Share your favorite His & Hers snacks and a cheeky “hangover kit” consisting of ibuprofen (not acetaminophen!) with water bottles, gatorade or pedialyte. A welcome bag is a great spot to place a handwritten thank you note along with a personalized wedding favor such as a pair of pint glasses etched with your wedding logo or monogram. We are huge supporters of the “functional favor”, a gift that guests will use again: personalized pint glasses, handmade soap, a candle that commemorates the weekend or your love.

One of the most common answers to the question of wedding priorities that we hear from our couples is, “we just want our guests to have a really good time”. By going the extra to mile to show your appreciation and love for them, you can be sure that they will walk away from your celebration knowing they just had one of the best weekends of their lives!

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