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5 Reasons to Get Married Wherever You Like to Getaway

"One of the biggest questions a couple has when they finally get engaged is ‘where should we get married?’ It’s one of their most momentous occasions in life, so obvi the place where it all goes down has to be just as epic. Of course, so many logistical things factor into deciding on a venue, from price to availability, but when it comes to the qualitative reasons for picking a place - it should be resonant with your relationship, it should gel with your overall wedding vibe, and it should be a place that the two of you have a fierce fondness for. Nick and Meadow didn’t have to look very far to find their perfect wedding spot, because it was a place they loved to visit together long before getting engaged: Chalet View Lodge.

In case you’re having trouble remembering this amazing place, let this be your reminder.

It’s Chalet View Lodge and it’s a premiere place to say ‘I Do.’ The ten-acre Lost Sierra Resort in Graeagle, California, has long been a sought-after locale for destination weddings, but it’s also an oft-used wedding setting for West Coasters who love spending weekends there."


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