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All-Inclusive Wedding Packages – Are They for Me?

Our wedding planning team was recently featured on the podcast Bridechilla. We talked all about inclusive wedding packages.

You may never again encounter a project that involves as many details as your wedding. Attendants, family, guests, vendors – there are layers upon layers of people needing direction and answers, not to mention all of the decisions you have to make! If you feel like the process is simply too much for a Bridechilla to handle, you should seriously consider booking an all-inclusive wedding package.

What does all-inclusive mean in the wedding world?

An all-inclusive wedding refers to an event production 'package’ that includes almost everything you need for your wedding. While these packages vary from site to site, often they include the big things like the venue or space, along with rentals, linens, table settings, and chairs. Some inclusive wedding packages also include other vendor products or services like bartending, flowers, a DJ, and the cake with champagne toast. Many venues include the services of a wedding planner or coordinator.

Why is an all-inclusive wedding package a great fit for a Bridechilla?

A busy Bridechilla doesn’t have time to mull over the endless logistics of her wedding! Think of the benefits you would enjoy if a professional planner or coordinator organized all of them for you. No more worrying about delivery times or checking in on the wedding day to make sure it’s running smoothly.

Don’t worry, though. Choosing an all-inclusive wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing your individuality or style. Your vendors will still consult with you or your wedding planner to find out what inspires you! The flavors, colors, textures and entertainment will definitely be all you!

Get Inspired

If you are a Bridechilla who has no idea what you want for your special day, all-inclusive packages can provide you with the bones, or a basic structure. This allows you to have more time and be more creative with the fun stuff, like décor details and menu tastings.

Save Money

Packaging can also save you money over purchasing services a la carte. Bundling rentals, set up fees, venue fees, and other production aspects gives vendors an incentive to extend special rates or extra services. Sticking to your wedding budget becomes much easier, and what is provided at a comparatively low price point can end up being much more than if you were to rent or hire each separate piece.

There are many reasons a Bridechilla might choose an all-inclusive wedding package over putting her event together piece by piece. If you want a high value, low stress wedding experience ask your venue manager if you have the option of upgrading your agreement. Then enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing you will enjoy an amazing celebration of your love!

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