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  • Paulette Alkire, Lead Wedding Planner

Creative Bridal Party Gifts for the Gals...

Struggling a bit with what to gift your special gals to thank them for their friendship and inclusion in your wedding celebration? At Chalet View Lodge, we see lots of different sorts of brides and bridesmaids walk down our aisle: some girly, some outdoorsy, some geeky, some goth-y. Actually, kidding, haven’t seen that last one yet but we’re looking forward to it! With an array of different bridal parties, and then unique women within those parties, sometimes looking for the right gifts can be a bit of a bamboozle. Monogrammed robes, tote bags or personalized champagne glasses have all been done before, so we come with some refreshing option suggestions to help you get creative:

  1. A pretty shawl for each of the girls is a great idea for a fall or winter bride. Ordering handmade accessory pieces in a neutral color will give your ladies something to wear during the wedding celebration as well as allowing them to add it to their closet for future use! Each time they wear it, they’ll reminisce on the wonderful weekend they shared with you. Take it a step further and personalize each one with an embroidered message of love (or an inside joke!) in a corner or along a seam. Scarfs and beanies with a sweet message embroidered on the inside are also great options for the ladies to take home.

  2. For a bridal party that finds it’s fearless roots in the great outdoors, a personalized water bottle, a simple and practical backpack and/or an engraved pocket knife can be fun and creative gifts. Everyone loves a good knife— Hi-YA! Just kidding, be careful with sharp objects…

  3. If your ladies belong more to the bookworm-at-home tribe, a “relax pack” can be a huge hit. Collect books that remind you of each girl that you think they would enjoy. Write a sweet note thanking them for their friendship on the first page, 20th-century-gift-from-grandma style. Add a candle in a scent that compliments them, a luxurious face mask or body butter, and a bath bomb to top it all off. Ahh. I’m just relaxed writing this…

  4. If you find that your gaggle of girls are a bit indecisive on how to accessorize their bridesmaids outfits, personalized jewelry is always a win. A simple gold or silver bracelet with their name or a sweet saying that they can wear with their outfits is a nice touch. Stay away from necklaces if not everyone’s neckline on their dress will compliment wearing something around the neck; you want them all to be able to wear them on your wedding day! Also, let’s say it together: Manicures-bridesmaid’s bracelets-engagement ring photo op! (Major mouthful, open to suggestions…)

  5. This idea might be off the beaten path, but hey, that’s what we’re here for: Bridal gifts don’t have to be wedding related, or even all the same. All your girls are different, highlight what makes them special to you. Does your sister need a deep tissue massage after having to deal with all your, uh, “special” moments? Gift her a spa day. Is your best friend gearing up for a backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail? Get her something useful she can take along on her travels, like the sleeping bag she still hasn’t sprung for, or a lightweight water purifier. Got a girlfriend who’s an avid skiier? Maybe some new snow accessories or a lift ticket.

The possibilities are endless, and that may seem cliché to say, but it’s true. Your friends and family will love whatever you get them, no matter what. What truly matters? The thought. In my experience, I always turn into a bawling baby at the sentimentality of a well-written and thoughtful note. Take some time to consider all the unique characteristics of each of your extraordinary ladies. These are the women (or men!) that have affected you deeply in your life; choose something significant that shows your appreciation for their influence on you.

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