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  • Sammi Shea, Wedding Planner

Getting the Kids Involved...

Your wedding day can be a confusing and weird day if you have kids of your own. They are surrounded by a bunch of people they don’t know and quite frankly, they might not fully understand what is going on. Your friends and family also want to celebrate your marriage but this can become difficult when they have little ones to look after. To prevent boredom and breakdowns with children, get them involved with the planning and the celebration. Here are some creative ways to include the kiddos in your special weekend.

If you have kids of your own, be sure to include them in the planning process from Day 1. Give them small tasks that will make them feel as though they have helped you throughout the process. Some easy things they can help with: invitation stuffing, any DIY decoration projects, helping pack any necessities and anything else that can keep their hands busy while keeping yours free to do more advanced planning prep.

If you have more than just one niece or nephew that you want involved in your ceremony, send them down the aisle in the processional! Right before the bride comes, have them walk down with a cute wooden or chalk board sign. Our favorites? “ Here She Comes” “You’re the luckiest man in the world” and “Run while you still can!”.

Have your kids help you design the ‘Kid’s Section.’ Give your kid free range with this! If this section is made to keep the kiddos entertained all night, it should be created by a kid. Have them help you come up with fun games and entertainment options for kids of all ages to enjoy at your reception.

Add in a first dance with your child. If you have a son or a daughter, have a first dance with them as the traditional father/daughter, mother/son dance. It will remind them they are a special part of the family, and the wedding celebration.

If you have older nieces and nephews or very close family friends, they will not want to be a ring bearer or flower girl. Instead, appoint them as ushers for your ceremony. Ushers are nice to have at your ceremony as they ensure that people are seated in the right spot and can show your VIP guests where their seats are. The can also pass out ceremony stationery!

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