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  • Paulette Alkire, Lead Wedding Planner

What we love about Kay Kroshus...

Simply put— Kay inspires us. Like, deeply inspires us.

Her attention to detail floods every corner of every shot she captures.

Her eye for natural light is a talent very few could ever possess. This girl knows the sun and the shadows like the back of her hand.

Her editing skills are on fleek. No seriously, she somehow makes magic happen in every photo and her deep contrast style brings so much life and love into every shot. You feel as though you’re watching one of those classic romance movies like Casablanca or Gone with the Wind, but 21st century style: you’re the breathtaking stars of your own timeless love story.

Her sense of wonder fuels the voyage she takes her couples on; over the river or through the woods, she works wonders finding epic backgrounds that compliment your adventure in love.

Her passion for what she does comes through as soon as she cracks that unforgettable Kay Kroshus smile. You can tell that this girl knows photography. We’d even be hesitant to call it “wedding photography” because what Kay is really passionate about is people. She’s passionate about love stories (ask her about her own!). She’s passionate about that awestruck feeling you get when you gaze into the eyes of the person that you know is so perfect that it was like they were made for you ( I’m not crying, you’re crying!).

If you really want to see how picture perfect Kay is (see what we did there?!), go check out her website and stalk her family photos. Her three babes and rock-of-a-husband, Derek, are the most heart-warming and feel-good family we’ve ever met. She’s a mother and a wife, and her fierce love and loyalty to her family comes through in the way she interacts with every single one of her couples. She’s been in your shoes, and she’s honored to be experiencing your first steps into the next chapter of life that she’s already living. Her excitement for this comes to the forefront in every moment you have with her throughout the photography process.

Her husband, Derek, is also ridiculously talented. We admire his push to continually learn his craft of videography, and admire the way he looks at Kay even more. The two of them are unstoppable and their ability to work together seamlessly definitely rubs off on their couples (think of it as a wedding gift in the form of fairy dust). He’s her Number One in life and work, and he lovingly refers to her as “The Boss” (seriously, he’ll say it all day, it’s hilarious).

Kay and Derek are worth their weight in gold. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry (happy cry!), and most importantly they’ll capture those curious, genuine and ephemeral moments between you and your partner, and make them deep and everlasting. Just for you.

Check out Kay’s work at Check out Derek’s at Go ahead. Book ‘em already.

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