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  • Paulette Alkire, Lead Wedding Planner

How to handle family members who don't want to sit next to one another (or converse, or really a

Photo by Kay Kroshus

Photo by Kay Kroshus

There are two schools of thought on what to do when people within your circle (family, friend or otherwise) don’t get along, making the wedding day logistics difficult.

You may be inclined to work around the challenges versus facing them head on. After all, the issues may be far more involved than you are aware of, and you’ll have enough on your plate without bringing this to the forefront. In this instance, you can acknowledge there are challenges to work around and then make it a priority to hire experienced professionals to help you navigate these waters. The right team will be ready and willing to listen, then anticipating things that may come up during the planning and on the wedding day. Your parents not getting along will extend far beyond the seating during the reception- lean on them to help mitigate problems.

You can also dive into family issues head on and rely on good, positive communication to guide you. After all, these are grown-ups who should understand that the best choice is often to set the problems aside for the day, for the sake of the celebration. With this, it still is worth speaking with your wedding day team to make sure all your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed to avoid any unnecessary run ins on the Big Day.

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