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  • Paulette Alkire, Lead Wedding Planner

What to Wear to a Destination Wedding...

You jut got invited to a wedding, woohoo! Cue feelings of excitement, quickly followed by perhaps by anxious uncertainty. What to wear? If you haven’t attended many weddings, it can be very confusing to pick an appropriate ensemble for the event. While some couples will provide a detailed description of what they expect their guests to wear, some won’t. In the end, it’s always best to reach out to the couple to clarify if you’re feeling a little doubtful about your digs.

Black Tie Optional

This is also considered ‘formal attire’. This typically means a dark suit or tuxedo, paired with a bow tie or tie and a white collared shirt, with dark or black dress shoes. For the ladies, a dress with a longer seam is expected, but a thoughtful, shorter, cocktail dress can be suitable for outdoor receptions and warmer weather. Heels are typically not required but are preferable. Get fancy!

Cocktail (Semi-Formal) This is the happy medium between formal and casual, and is very common for all sorts of weddings, as this style of dress can fit many vibes. Men’s suits can be worn with just a collared button-up, leaving them with the options of incorporating a funky dress shirt and adding a tie or bowtie or…bolo tie (oh, we’ve seen it— thanks Philip Rivers!). Women can wear any sort of cocktail dress or pantsuit, and nice footwear. Heels are not required, but have you seen the strappy, heeled sandals Nine West has been whipping out lately?!


Casual wear is a very broad spectrum and really depends on the location and time of day of your event. Men can wear sport coats, sweaters and button-ups with more relaxed pants such as chinos or khakis. Women can wear more casual dresses such as sundresses with relaxed footwear such as flats or sandals. All this to say, with an event as momentous as a wedding, we don’t see many couples requesting “casual” wear from their guests. Oh, and, — no jeans, ever. It’s 2018, people! The glow up is real! Save your nice denim for the usually more casual wedding events like the Welcome Party or Post-Celebration/Farewell Brunch.


If you’ve never thought of ‘attire requests’ as a wedding trend, get ready for this knowledge we’re about to drop: Couples are now often including a color palette or specific theme (think Boho, or 1950’s) on the additional details card in their invitation suites and requesting that their guests dress accordingly. Don’t fret, have fun with it! Browse Pinterest for inspiration, or get together with other invited friends to share ideas or shop together for the special day.

We don’t want to have to mention the number one color NOT to wear, as you should already be well-versed in one of the most traditional of wedding traditions, but, this is the bride’s special day and unless notified, white is hers, and only hers!

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