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  • Sammi Shea, Wedding Planner

5 of our Favorite Ceremony Arches...

What’s the most important part of any wedding? Getting married of course! Under your ceremony arch is where all the magic happens, the spot that you and your spouses first kiss as a married couple will take place. Here are five of our favorite ceremony arches, prepare to be inspired:

Macrame Designs

A beautiful yet budget conscious design, macrame brings a beautiful boho feel to any ceremony. There are countless designs big or small, DIY or designer, that you can find with macrame. Add florals or hang it on a rustic wood ceremony arch to keep the simplistic bohemian vibe.


Copper is our new favorite accent color for wedding palettes. This medal compliments any style, elegant to rustic. Add greenery and white florals to your copper arch for the perfect design element to pull your wedding decor together.

Circle Arch

We’ve seen floating wire circles clad with greenery that makes us feel as if we have stepped out of reality and into a fairytale wedding in the woods. With such a simplistic yet elegant design there are so many ways you can spice up this shape to match your wedding decor perfectly.

Floral Wall

Blossoming with the seasons best flowers combined with eucalyptus and fern leaves floral walls can make your guests feel some type of way. Not only can you use these walls for the background of your ceremony but you can also use it as a photo wall for your guests at your reception as well.

Beaded Backdrop

Dare to be different? A beaded design combined with vibrant and unique florals for a ceremony arch can bring a fun and young vibe to your wedding ceremony.

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