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  • Sammi Shea, Wedding Planner

Bridesmaids Fashion We Love...

Finding dresses that each of your bridesmaids will love can be very tricky. Each girl is going to have her own opinions and it can be hard to please everyone but ultimately it is your wedding and you get to choose the color palette, and style of their dresses. If you are looking for the newest and upcoming trends for 2018, look no further. Here is some style and color inspiration for your bridal party.

Two Pieces

Add a flower crown to a lace or pastel two piece for the perfect boho chic bridesmaids attire. Two pieces achieve a more relaxed vibe for a younger crowd.

Mismatched Colors

Who said all your bridesmaids need to be wearing the same color and same dress? Lately brides have been dressing some of their bridesmaids in a sassy pattern while others dress in complimentary tones.


Shimmer skirts, dresses and tops have been catching our eye recently and we love it. Dress your girls in a shimmer pattern gown that will complement your princess wedding dress perfectly!

Halter Necks

Halter necks are back in style! A simple yet elegant cut, halter neck dresses are a universally flattering style.

Same Color, Different Style

Our personal favorite, having bridesmaids that are not all exactly identical can give your bridesmaids the choice to flaunt a little bit of their own favorite trend. If your bridesmaids have all different kinds of body shapes having dresses of all different cuts allows for everyone to rock their favorite style.

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