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  • Paulette Alkire & Sammi Shea

Wine, Beer and Bubbly: Our Favorite Beverage Bars...

Beer Bar

If you’re a beer lover like us, a craft beer bar would be perfect for your reception. Whether you like dark, hoppy, or fruity beer, California is the birthplace of American craft beer and has thousands of breweries to choose from. We love the idea of offering guests a meaningful mix of flavors that are special to you and your partner. Try including a beer from both of your hometowns, a beer from a Lost Sierra brewery, a beer from a place special to you both ( do you remember your first weekend away together?), and perhaps a beer from a family member who’s got a malty thumb. Featuring all these thoughtful brews together at a self-serve brew bar would be a unique cocktail hour feature for your guests to have some fun with.

Hot Cocoa and Coffee Bar

Perfect for guests of all ages, a thoughtful, yet understated hot cocoa bar can warm your guests at the end of a chilly fall or winter night! Sweeten it up by featuring toppings such as marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, or caramel drizzle. For the adults, offer coffee which they can jazz up with some alcoholic additions like Bailey’s, Kahlua, brandy or Peppermint Schnapps. Adding authentic details like cinnamon sticks, whipped heavy cream, nutmeg, orange peels, and cookies for dipping. Your guests will appreciate the fun activity of building their very own cozy treat to enjoy at the end of a perfect night!

Bubbly Bar

Whether you choose to enjoy champagne or sparkling wine with your guests, a glass of something bubbly is the perfect way to toast to your new marriage. Pick a variety of juices such as grapefruit, pomegranate, blood orange and mango and add an array of fresh berries and citrus slices to complete a delectable bubbly bar. Put your fav champagne or sparkling wine on ice, add some champagne flutes, a cute sign and décor, and your bridal lounge or post-wedding brunch will be the refreshment highlight of the weekend! Bonus points: Rim half your champagne flutes with a flavored sugar to really wow your friends and family.

Margarita Bar

If there is one liquor synonymous with party, it’s tequila. There is no better way to start a celebration than with an ice cold margarita. Get adventurous and think outside the garnish box: offer fresh strawberries, blackberries, and mango slices. Spice it up with some jalapeños. Plain ol’ salt isn’t the only thing used for the rim anymore; jazz things up by having plates of Tajin, sugar, or flavored citrus salts your guests can get fancy with. Virgin margs are just as delicious as their more mature twins— make sure this is an option for those who would like to pass on the alcohol but would love a refreshing drink. Feature some bad ass signage to label all the different ingredients and offer up yours and your partner’s favorite marg recipes so guests can celebrate you with a drink!

Bloody Mary Bar

There is nothing better than a good Bloody Mary at a Sunday brunch. But what limits Bloody Marys to just Sundays? For those of you that are not big mimosa people, a Bloody Mary bar is the perfect drink option to kick start your wedding (or post-party!) morning. Any good Bloody Mary bar starts with a good vodka and Bloody Mary mix, but there are many different ingredients to add on top to make it your own! Like things spicy like Paulette? Offer extra horseradish or Tabasco to heat things up. More of a flavor girl, like Sammi? Add some celery, bacon, or pickled veggies to kick up the taste profile. Bonus points: Include a Michelada option to your Bloody Bar (we’ve heard they’re great for hangovers!).

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