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  • Paulette Alkire, Lead Wedding Planner

Adorable ways to include your furry friend in your wedding...

At Chalet View Lodge, your pet could pawsibly have a better vacation than you— with ten acres to roll around and roam on, pets have an endless amount of adventuring at their pawtips! Your pooch also won’t mind the pampering that comes with their stay, either: we offer pet beds, in-room water bowls, and a welcome bag with treats and a toy upon their arrival. What’s more, our boutique resort is nestled in the forests of the Lost Sierra, giving you and your pet all the hiking opportunities a pup could dream of. Hike through forest land or down to Feather River to take a refreshing dip after an easy 15 minute trail through the woods. And when the Big Day comes, grooms and groomsmen have been known to calm their pre-wedding jitters with a round of golf with their furry pals.

Besides the brewery and pool area, dogs are allowed anywhere on the property, so golfing with Fido is a must while you visit! We understand that a pet is not only a pet— they are family, and our couples involve them in the traditions of getting married in many different ways. Some of the best moments we have had with our canine friends have been during wedding weekends. Pets play a big role in the wedding festivities, and our couples take full advantage of our pet friendly lodge by having them participate in ceremonies, first dances and group activities for the entire wedding to join in on. A wedding celebration comes full circle when our couples— and their guests— know that their whole family is together, including the members with four furry legs!

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