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  • Sammi Shea, Wedding Planner

Our Favorite Food Bar Ideas

One major aspect of a wedding that everyone looks forward to is, well, the food! Whether your guests are coming for only a few hours to honor your nuptials, or they’re partying with you at your destination wedding for the whole weekend, food is a huge part of the experience of the celebration. It’s a fact— people are happy when their bellies are full, and meals have always been a central part of gatherings, no matter the size. Whether it be to do something fun, or to incorporate something special that represents their union, couples are looking for unique and memorable ways to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience for their guests. Lately, we have seen the trend of ‘food bars’ on the rise. Whether at the cocktail hour or reception, food bars not only can add to the overall décor of your wedding, but they also provide an active and social way for your guests to eat and mingle. Regardless of the time of the day your wedding takes place, there are endless options that you can come up with to offer your guests!

Mac ’n’ Cheese Bar

Mac n Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, sure to put cheesy smiles on all your guest’s faces! With plenty of options for mix-in’s, this food bar is a interactive and versatile way to ensure that everyone will find something that they love to eat. You could also add a dairy-free option, like a pesto sauce, for your lactose-sensitive friends. They’ll remember that you included them in the food bar fun.

S’mores Bar

This is the perfect late night snack to to wind down any outdoor wedding. What could be better than sitting around the fire with your closest family and friends, and sharing s’mores and favorite wedding moments? Spice up your S’mores Bar by add fun ingredients like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, white chocolate bars, caramel squares, or toasted coconut.

Veggie Bar

A perfect option for vegetarian or vegan couples, veggie bars are healthy and also act as eye-catching décor all on their own! We are beyond the days of the typical supermarket veggie trays. The vibrant colors give life to a display bar with no need for excess decorations or florals, and can lead to a budget conscious cocktail hour set-up. Adding dips such as hummus, tzaziki, or babaganoush can add a zip of flavor to any celery stick and a cool, Mediterranean vibe to any veggie station. Try mixing it up by adding pickled veggies and grilled veggies as well!

Spud Bar

What’s better after a night of drinking than tucking away some greasy food with your best friends? Admit it, that was your college experience in a nutshell. Surprise your guests with a potato bar complete with French fries, tater tots, mashed potatoes and potato chips!Accompany your spuds by offering a variety of sauces and toppings and the look on your college friends’ faces will remind you of the good ol’ nights you used to spend together, and the new ones you’re creating that very moment. Did someone say ‘totchos’?

Brick Oven Pizza Bar

Whether featured as the focal point of welcome party, reception dinner, or late-night snack the variety of a pizza bar is perfect for all guests, at any time. In fact, we love pizza smorgasbords so much, that Chalet View Lodge has an outdoor Brick Pizza Oven on the back terrace that overlooks the golf course and pool. With plenty of different options on our Woodfire Pizza Menu, you’re bound to make all your guests comfortable and happy with a warm slice of pizza and a cold beer. Pizza is Love.

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