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  • Sammi Shea, Wedding Planner

Spring Time Florals

Spring is one of our favorite seasons because it is filled with vibrant colors, beautiful weather, and it kicks off the wedding season. Couples are excited to build their wedding’s color palettes by playing off of the natural colors of their surroundings including all of the newly bloomed flowers. A combination of choices between colors of peach, coral, sage green, mauve, baby blue, pale yellow and countless more combined with wood accents can lead to a perfect rustic look for your spring wedding. What better way to tie your spring time wedding together than with amazing flower decor? Below are our five favorite spring season flowers.


An trendy spin off a peony, Ranunculus can bring a pop of color to a simple floral arrangement.


The top flower for any spring wedding, Peonies have the perfect balance of being soft and elegant.


Varying in color, whether it be light and bright or dark and moody, roses can set any mood for a wedding while maintaining elegance.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is amazing for a lilac themed wedding or to add texture and a touch of purple to a simple bouquet.


Hydrangea’s are a perfect and simple floral for any centerpiece to steal the show.

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