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  • Sammi Shea & Paulette Alkire

Our Favorite Wedding Trends from 2017

Wedding trends are always evolving from season to season, and year to year. From overall themes, to glassware, to ceremony arches, there are always new trends on the horizon for just about every aspect involved in the décor, ambiance and activity at your wedding. Here are some of our favorite wedding trends that we saw in 2017:

Repurposed Signage

We are obsessed with this look! Using an old, rustic mirror with a Baroque style frame adds a hint of romantic glamour to any seating chart or welcome sign. Repurposing an old wooden window can give your itinerary or dinner menu some laid-back, rustic charm.

Photo by: Carmen Salazar Photography

Photo by: Carmen Salazar Photography

Market Lights

Market lights are the strings of small, Edison-style bulbs that you see on many a vineyard terrace or possibly strung around your friend’s balmy, garden patio. These lights are versatile enough to be used in a slew of creative ways, whatever your theme may be. This past year, we experienced couples making the most of the big pine trees by stringing market lights in between them, creating a more defined space for their open-air wedding. Unique geometric designs made from strings of market lights have been created above dance floors to showcase funky focal points. Our clear top tent has magically turned into an ultra-romantic winter space simply from couples hanging a mixture of tiny, twinkling lights and market lights throughout it's frame.

Photo by: White Daisy Photography

Photo by: Rochelle Wilhelms Photography