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Destination Love– How to Prepare for a Destination Wedding

If you have chosen to celebrate your new marriage with a a destination wedding adventure, you are in good company. The popularity of taking off to exotic locations to exchange vows increases every year. Getting ready for any wedding involves attention to detail, but destination weddings can require some unique needs. That's why we put our heads together with some of the best minds in the business and assembled these tips for how to prep for a destination wedding just for you.

Communication is Key

Paulette Alkire, wedding planner with destination venue Chalet View Lodge advises that when it comes to communicating with clients, the goal should be "early and often".

"As soon as you set the date, it's paramount to inform the guests," Alkire explains. "There are so many moving pieces with a destination wedding: booking travel, childcare, taking time off from work. Be mindful of this and make sure it's a priority to spread the word, even if it means foregoing the standard Save-the-Date and spreading the word virtually."


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