Spring Hiking

by staff posted April 18, 2013 category Activity, Spring

Looking to stretch your legs and shake off the winter?!  Spring hiking is some of the best, with cool weather, raging rivers, and trails all to yourself.  If your not afraid of trekking through a few snow mounds or hopping over water in places it doesn’t normally belong, then the woods are all yours!  In the Lakes Basin and surrounding areas, a little more of every trail, exposes itself everyday, with more access daily!  Some of Chalet View Lodge staff picks during the Spring thaw are: Lilly Lake by MH @ CVL

  •  The Graeagle Creek Trail-  Follow this beautiful 2 mile trail (one way) along the raging Graeagle Creek and end at Gray Eagle Lodge or continue to. . . .
  •  Lilly Lake- A peaceful 1.5 mile trail (one-way) that guides you to Lily Lake, a picturesque mountain lake.
  •  Smith Lake- This gorgeous high altitude lake awaits you at the end of a 1.5 mile trail (one way)
  •  Forest Loop near Greaeagle-  A 2 mile loop, a perfect stroll though the woods.
  •  Lake Davis-  All of Lake Davis is defrosted, the fish are biting, and the hike around the lake is ideal, a 6 mile loop.
  •  Spanish Creek Trail- Going toward Quincy you will find this hike nestled in the woods, taking you along Spanish Creek for 5 miles round   trip, also a favorite among mountain bikers.
  •  Frazier Falls- This amazing waterfall is worth every footstep on this 1 mile trail out and back.  This handicap accessible trail leads you through granite walls and expansive views of massive canyons, to a waterfall that comes from Gold Lake with an impressive 170 foot drop to amaze all who visit!

Frazier Falls by MH @ CVL

And that’s just to name a few!  Spring is great for exploring and discovering Plumas county and all its hidden gems.  Get more details on hiking in the area from the book, Feather River Country Adventure Trails by Tom DeMund, Available for checkout at Chalet View Lodge.  Happy Hiking!!


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