Fall in the Lost Sierras

by admin posted September 8, 2013 category Activity, Autumn

Hawsley Falls IFall is approaching and those familiar colors are starting to dot the landscape once again.  Graeagle is enjoying beautiful blue skies and a fresh fall breeze that is bound to excite the senses.

  • The decision to escape is the easy part, the hard part is trying to decide which activities to fill your day with.   To start, nothing starts your day better than a fresh Brewed starbucks coffee from our Lobby, personalized just for you.  Then off for an adventure. . . . .
  • With over 300 species of birds, Birding seems like an easy choice. .  or. . . 
  • Feel the thrill of Fishing on one or several of the areas lakes and streams, among the beauty of the majestic Lost Sierras and beyond. . .  or. . .
  • Enjoy the peace of the trail and take a Hike. . . .  or . . . Hit the trail on Horseback and enjoy the views just a little higher. . . or. . .
  • Find a unique twist in the mountains with a Yoga class. . . . or. . .
  • Perhaps something with different speeds and a little more heart pounding, like a Mountain Bike ride. . . . . or. . . .Trickle-1

With so many ways of letting the colors of fall inspire you, choosing just one activity may be harder than you think.  However, the solution is simple.  Call the boss and explain you just have to play a little longer.  We look forward to hosting you along the way!

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