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Eureka Peak Brewing Co. is a small Craft Brew Company at Chalet View Lodge. Our new brewer, Gregg Bucy, is pulling together a wide array of tasty brews like the master that he is! The new Eureka Peak Brewing Co. Tasting Room at Chalet View Lodge is open Thursday-Sundays. Come meet with our brewer, taste what he has been working on and even see the magic in action as he brews more delicious beers.




Christmas Eve – 12-6 PM

Dec. 27 – 12-8 PM

Dec. 28 – 3-8 PM

In December, 1914 along the Western Front, WWI combatants laid down their arms in unofficial ceasefires. English, Scottish, Canadian, Belgian, French, and German soldiers crossed trenches to exchange holiday greetings and even gifts. This amazing, albeit brief, triumph of human compassion and empathy over the fervor of war is know as the Christmas Truce, the Weihnachtsfrieden, or the Trêve de Noël.

Each Christmas Eve, our brewer crafts a special beer to commemorate this historic event and calls it the Trêve de Noël. To brew the Trêve de Noël, Gregg uses only ingredients from the countries who participated in the Truce. The exact ingredients and the type of beer vary year to year but they always pay tribute to the men in snowy trenches who paused in their violent endeavor to recognize their common humanity.

Gregg will be brewing the 2014 Trêve de Noël at Eureka Peak Brewing Co. on Wednesday, December 24. Stop by to celebrate the spirit of peace that surrounds the historic event that inspires this beer and to find out exactly what this year’s Truce will be.

Watch for updates on when the 2014 Trêve de Noël will be available for tasting. In the meantime, there are ten wonderful brews on tap. We hope to see you and wish you a very happy holiday season.


Thursday | 3-8 PM

Friday | 3-8 PM

Saturday | 12-8 PM

Sunday | 3-8 PM


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