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Plumas County Snowball 2014

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posted March 2, 2014

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oldlbposter-662x1024Plumas County welcomes the annual return of the Snowball 2014, hosted at Nakoma Golf Resort.  The date is set for March 15th, where dinner and dancing and a silent auction will be present.  Dinner will be catered by Kurt Haselton of Sardine Lake Resort and Nakoma Golf Resort, followed by musical entertainment by Jelly Bread, a fusion of soul and funk.  You wont be able to keep yourself from dancing!  And don’t forget to treat yourself to a beer or two from our local breweries, The Brewing Lair and Eureka Peak Brewing Co., whom will also be in attendance.  All proceeds for the event go to reopening the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl, with an estimated reopening date of next winter season.  Pray for Snow!!!  Come celebrate this historical ski hill that was one of the first to provide transportation up the mountain for skiers, with a vision to do so again.  Be a part of the tradition and Join us!

Tickets and more information available:

Enjoy 10% off any Room for this event!

Weddings at Chalet View Lodge

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posted February 12, 2014

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As we gear up for another summer filled with weddings, we are reminded of such wonderful memories filled with days we helped create.  Looking back we have had such a pleasure hosting some amazing couples and what a privilege it has been to be a part of their special day.  We look forward to a new summer ahead, meeting new amazing couples and sharing in their memories.

Take a peak at our wedding album of weddings past, we cant wait to add to the collection of amazing days!

Chalet View Lodge Wedding Album


Happy New Year!

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posted December 28, 2013

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As we look back at the year in review, we are filled with many wonderful moments!  We perfected our artisan pizzas out of the outdoor oven, we established Eureka Peak Brewing Co. and the excitement of having craft beers on tap, we added Live music to our weekends, we had a summer filled with beautiful weddings and guests, we completed our 9 hole golf course, we learned the skill of making homemade gelato and added it to our menu year round, we shared a wonderful Thanksgiving event with guests, and now are looking forward to a fabulous mouth-watering dinner for New Years Eve to celebrate!  Thank you to everyone, we have so many great memories and enjoyed company with old friends and new, next to the fire or at the bar or in passing, and had the pleasure of working with a great staff to make it all happen.  We look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year!  Cheers

IMG_0348Eureka Peak Beer brewed at Chalet View Lodge1 Solo black and white Italy 2011_1Patio Wedding 2Sabrina and SamIMG_0332Signcabins

Eureka Peak Brewing Co. & Mountain Harvest Festival

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posted October 16, 2013

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mhf13Its all about the BEER!  The Mountain Harvest Festival is on Saturday, October 19th at the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds from 1-5 pm.  This gathering brings to Plumas County more than 20 craft brewers represented with more than 50 brews to sample.  Locally, the Brewing Lair and Chalet View Lodge’s Eureka Peak Brewing Co. will be in attendance  along with other local brewers from Reno, Nevada and some even further.  Eureka Peak Brewing at Chalet View Lodge has currently exploded with taste and beers.  We now feature four beers on tap at The Grille restaurant and are always brewing more for the line up.  Our motto is “Fine Brews with Mountain Views!”  You can follow us and what were cooking up next at  We are thrilled to be joining the community at The Mountain Harvest Festival this year where you can enjoy just a sample of what we have to offer.  This great event allows for great beer, along with music, culture and community.   We look forward to sharing the day with you Saturday, but if you cant make it we will have a cold one waiting for you at our bar at Chalet View.  Cheers!

For more information on the Mountain Harvest Festival, visit

Lost Sierra Hoedown, Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl

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posted September 18, 2013

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This weekend, September 20-22, a unique gathering comes to Plumas County.  The Lost Sierra Hoedown, as it has been named, is a two day festival with high energy music that you hoedown 2can stomp your boots to, like folk, country, bluegrass and americana.  The event is aimed at benefiting and raising awareness for the re-opening of Johnsvile Historic Ski Bowl, where it will take place, in Plumas Eureka State Park.  The ski bowl, a historical and cultural treasure of the area, was one of the first hills to provide skiers with uphill transportation  via aerial ore carts used for mining.  Re-opening the Johnsville Ski Hill has been a goal of Plumas County for years, as it would provide a renewed life to the hill with a chair lift, providing many more generations of skiers to enjoy, following tradition.  Today, Johnsville Ski Hill remains alive in the winter with the annual Longboard Ski Races and in the summer is surrounded by hiking trails to beautiful lakes and mountain peaks.  All trails are open to enjoy during this exciting weekend, and the Lost Sierra Hoedown encourages it.  Acoustic music will take place at all hours of the day spread out along the trails as you hike or ride your way to your destination.  Amplified music will begin at 4pm.  ”There is nothing like a good ole fashion hoedown to bring people together. . .stomping their heels in the dirt, smiling, and locking their elbows to dosy doe.  The Hoedown allows people to slow down, disconnect their cyber lives, and to enjoy themselves.  They connect. . with themselves, the community, the place, and the cause.”  Perfectly stated by Rosie Hackett, Director of Outdoor Adventure Leadership.  For more information check out,

Fall in the Lost Sierras

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posted September 8, 2013

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Hawsley Falls IFall is approaching and those familiar colors are starting to dot the landscape once again.  Graeagle is enjoying beautiful blue skies and a fresh fall breeze that is bound to excite the senses.

  • The decision to escape is the easy part, the hard part is trying to decide which activities to fill your day with.   To start, nothing starts your day better than a fresh Brewed starbucks coffee from our Lobby, personalized just for you.  Then off for an adventure. . . . .
  • With over 300 species of birds, Birding seems like an easy choice. .  or. . . 
  • Feel the thrill of Fishing on one or several of the areas lakes and streams, among the beauty of the majestic Lost Sierras and beyond. . .  or. . .
  • Enjoy the peace of the trail and take a Hike. . . .  or . . . Hit the trail on Horseback and enjoy the views just a little higher. . . or. . .
  • Find a unique twist in the mountains with a Yoga class. . . . or. . .
  • Perhaps something with different speeds and a little more heart pounding, like a Mountain Bike ride. . . . . or. . . .Trickle-1

With so many ways of letting the colors of fall inspire you, choosing just one activity may be harder than you think.  However, the solution is simple.  Call the boss and explain you just have to play a little longer.  We look forward to hosting you along the way!

Farmers Markets at Sierra Valley Farms

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posted July 7, 2013

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Summer is officially here and we celebrate with days filled with fun in the sun, laughter, and Farmers Markets!!  A local farm close to the town of Portola, Sierra Valley Farms,  hosts a gathering of local farmers and artists every Friday for all to enjoy.  You can find fresh fruit and vegetables, pottery, local herbal teas, local honey, pastries, olives and nuts, and so much more.  Its a challenge not to take everything home.  The most unique and exciting part of the Market is Sierra Valley Farms hosts a chef every Friday to demonstrate a deliciously cooked dish in front of marketers with fresh ingredients found on site and available for purchase.  Our very own Chalet View Lodge got invited to demonstrate our talents, as we prepared a mouth watering Ahi, Sesame Crusted and seared to perfection, accompanied by sautéed vegetables.  We are so proud to have such a great team here at Chalet View Lodge and look forward to many more delicious food entrees prepared here at The Grille.  For the farmers markets, head to Sierra Valley Farms, every Friday through the end of September, from 10-2.  Wherever the summer leads you, may the days be enjoyed with fresh food!

Farmers Market

Wildflowers of Plumas County

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posted June 2, 2013

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Plumas County and beyond is currently flourishing with budding and blooming wildflowers of every color.  Each hike is adorned with colors of the rainbow, some still budding, some in their full glory.  The wildflower season has come earlier than usual, but this beautiful time of year is always accepted with open arms no matter what time of year they decide to come.  The season will continue to display a variety of colors for the next month, possibly more, so there is plenty of time to plan your favorite hike or visit to your favorite meadow to view these beauties.    Plumas County blooms some of the best.  Some of our favorites are:

Indian paintbrush


Red-  Indian Paintbrushes, Red Larkspur

Orange-  Scarlet Fritillary, Crimson Columbine

Yellow-  Mule Ears, Yellow Salsify, also known as Goats Beard

Blue- Larkspur

Purple-  Milkweed, Lupine

White-  Shasta Daisy, Yarrow

Pink-  Sierra Wild Rose, Pussy Paws, Penstemon


You can check out Plumas County Boom Blog for sightings and pictures of many varieties of wildflowers that bloom in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Bloom Blog.  Get your hiking shoes on and come explore this colorful time of year and discover your favorite.  And if you cant help but want to stay, we got you covered!


Gelato at Chalet View Lodge

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posted May 10, 2013

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il-solo-gelatoThere is only one word to describe Gelato at Chalet View Lodge and that is. . . . Delicious!!! Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream made with milk, cream, sugar and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. It is also defined as soft ice cream which contains little or no air, which also means more bang for your buck.

Ashley, one of our amazing staff members, makes it her goal to make the best gelato our guests have ever had. Some might say she is competing with the Italians, yet for now she is making the Best Gelato in Plumas County! New mouth watering flavors are being created weekly with that soft, smooth, creamy texture of Gelato that hits the spot any time a day! Come and experience Ashley’s creations, such as Triple Chocolate Brownie, Chai Tea, Maple Pecan, and Banana Rum just to name a few. Gelato at Chalet View Lodge is now being served every day, any hour we are open, which will exceed your expectations and only leaving you wanting more!

Spring Hiking

by staff

posted April 18, 2013

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Looking to stretch your legs and shake off the winter?!  Spring hiking is some of the best, with cool weather, raging rivers, and trails all to yourself.  If your not afraid of trekking through a few snow mounds or hopping over water in places it doesn’t normally belong, then the woods are all yours!  In the Lakes Basin and surrounding areas, a little more of every trail, exposes itself everyday, with more access daily!  Some of Chalet View Lodge staff picks during the Spring thaw are: Lilly Lake by MH @ CVL

  •  The Graeagle Creek Trail-  Follow this beautiful 2 mile trail (one way) along the raging Graeagle Creek and end at Gray Eagle Lodge or continue to. . . .
  •  Lilly Lake- A peaceful 1.5 mile trail (one-way) that guides you to Lily Lake, a picturesque mountain lake.
  •  Smith Lake- This gorgeous high altitude lake awaits you at the end of a 1.5 mile trail (one way)
  •  Forest Loop near Greaeagle-  A 2 mile loop, a perfect stroll though the woods.
  •  Lake Davis-  All of Lake Davis is defrosted, the fish are biting, and the hike around the lake is ideal, a 6 mile loop.
  •  Spanish Creek Trail- Going toward Quincy you will find this hike nestled in the woods, taking you along Spanish Creek for 5 miles round   trip, also a favorite among mountain bikers.
  •  Frazier Falls- This amazing waterfall is worth every footstep on this 1 mile trail out and back.  This handicap accessible trail leads you through granite walls and expansive views of massive canyons, to a waterfall that comes from Gold Lake with an impressive 170 foot drop to amaze all who visit!

Frazier Falls by MH @ CVL

And that’s just to name a few!  Spring is great for exploring and discovering Plumas county and all its hidden gems.  Get more details on hiking in the area from the book, Feather River Country Adventure Trails by Tom DeMund, Available for checkout at Chalet View Lodge.  Happy Hiking!!


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