A Walk in the Woods

by staff posted March 14, 2013 category Activity, Seasonal

GeeseGraeagle truly is “the gift of a lifetime.” A simple walk in the woods is never just ordinary, rather each and every time a new adventure of sight, sound and spirit.  The excitement of a glimpse of your favorite bird, can guide your path into a new direction of exploration, as you search the Earth and Sky for the colored feathers.  Stellar jays squawk at you with every step and chickadees sing their way from limb to limb.  Deer, Coyote, Rabbit, Squirrel, Raccoon, Skunk, tracks of all kinds in quantity surround every footstep.  Before you know it, you decide to follow a deer track and begin another journey along an age-old deer trail, wondering where this new possibility might take you.  Time passes and hours of unlimited breathtaking wild beauty lead you to the Feather River, where a gaggle of geese awaits you.  As you sit along the rivers edge, a bald eagle swoops by, the big personality of geese makes you laugh, and you reflect on another walk in the woods.  All is connected, your senses renewed and another walk awaits for you again tomorrow.  Where will your footsteps lead you?

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